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Chocolat tables and covers

Belka® CB

Belka® CB Series is an innovative range with unique functional whey proteins, bringing remarquable dry dairy blends for the chocolate industry


Dry application – (Cocoa liquor and butter +/- Milk solids /milk Fat, Sugar, lecithin’s, flavours) – Can contain nuts, and is always solid at room temperature. White, Milk and Dark Chocolate have their composition regulated by law (Codex, FDA…)

fond creme

Indicative process

  • Reconstitution of powders with premelted fat (20mn – 40-50°C)
  • Refining (5 rolls – 20-50μm)
  • Conching (3-8h – 50-60°C)
  • Adding fat and lecithin
  • Tempering
  • Molding


  • Process: no modification required
  • Easy to use: 1kg of Belka® CB for 1kg of milk solids non fat
  • Same or improved flow properties
  • Minerals : standardized
  • Taste: Regular or milky notes all over the year. No salty taste.
  • Cost savings versus skimmed or whole milk powder

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