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fond creme

Bel Industries, we enhance the whey

Pioneers in turning native whey into dairy functional ingredients.

We modify our whey proteins with technological methods (neither chemical nor enzymatic), to transform the native structure of the protein and to further develop specific functionalities, like heat treatment stability, water and air retention, gelation and emulsion.

fond creme

Registration of our plants and certifications of our functional dairy products

Bel industries makes it a priority to comply with Quality and Food Safety norms. Its brands are well-known and trusted by many clients worldwide. We are engaged and certified with ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and GMP standards.

Our plants are approved for the production and export of dairy ingredients, according to French and EU regulations, as well as the specific conditions associated with countries such as the Russian Federation, Indonesia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and South Korea.

Moreover, our products are Halal certified LPOM MUI approved by the Halal Quality Control (Indonesia), and JAKIM approved by Department of Islamic Development (Malaysia). A selection of our products is also Kosher approved by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Since 2021, Bel industries has been certified as an “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) which guarantees our customers simplified customs procedures and increased security of logistics flows.

At the service of innovation in the valorization of whey

The functional know-how

Due to its technologies and processes, the functionalization of whey proteins transforms them into :

  • Foaming and gelifying dairy ingredients
  • Water-binding and emulsifying dairy ingredients
  • Microparticulated whey proteins

These ingredients are then blended or singled out to provide attractive properties for dry and non-dry food applications.

Water, air and fat… many challenges arise in food industries

Due to the process of recombination of our different raw materials by dry or liquid blending, our dairy blends are adapted to the needs of manufacturers who are looking for water, air or fat stability in their recipes. Therefore, they improve the texture and shelf life of the food products.

Located in Vendôme (France), the R&D teams bring their knowledge and expertise to the Food Science & Technology Industry.

Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plants, we can also develop new formulas for specific needs to satisfy manufacturers’ requests or market regulations.

Bel Industries, at your service to provide you with suitable functional dairy solutions

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