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Meringues, Marshmallows, Zephyrs …


Bianbel® is a specialized range of high protein blends, especially used for the replacement of egg white for foaming properties. Proteins in Bianbel® NG facilitate an homogeneous incorporation of the air in the mixes and stabilize the air bubble network.


Dry application – Confectionery products made of egg white or derivative dairy proteins, sugar and small amounts of salts and acids added as foam stabilizers. A very high overrun is crucial for these products.

fond creme

Indicative process

  • Reconstitution of powders in water (10mn)
  • Whipping
  • Incorporation of sugar
  • Shaping
  • Cooking (1h30-100°C)


  • Heat stability in the usual processes
  • Replacement of liquid or powdered Egg White
  • Better microbiology control
  • High whipping properties (volume and shape retention, even when incorporation of particles)
  • Fitted for egg allergy
  • Nice and neutral taste
  • Acid stable
  • Cost savings and less volatility versus Egg white powders

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