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Set yogurts

Belka® YT

Belka® YT Serie is designed to replace the skimmed milk powder used in the yogurt mass. The blends bring functionalities (gelification, less syneresis …) and regularity in supply when milk is not available all year round, making it more economical in the final recipe.


Wet application – Yogurts (80-85% water, 15-20% dry matter in which 0-5% fat) are obtained by fermentation of the lactose, with microbiological cultures, of liquid milk or rehydrated milk or milk derivatives powders, sometimes sweetened and flavoured.

fond creme

Indicative process

  • Reconstitution (10mn – 65°C)
  • Homogenization (160 bars + 40 bars – 75°C)
  • Pasteurisation (5mn – 92-95°C)
  • Cooling down at 42°C
  • Addition of cultures
  • Fermentation during few hours till pH 4,6 directly in the pots
  • Cooling down and storage (4°C)


  • Process: no modification required
  • Easy to use with dosage depending on recipes. Please contact us for more information.
  • Syneresis: absence
  • Gel firmness
  • Texture: Fineness and unctuosity
  • Cost savings versus skimmed milk powder

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