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Compound tablets and covers

Belka® CB

Belka® CB Series is an innovative range with unique functional whey proteins, bringing remarquable dry dairy blends for the chocolate industry


Dry Application – Compound are close to chocolates in composition and use, but, mainly cocoa butter is replace by Veg Fat, and their composition is much more flexible. When use of coco fat, or CBS (cocoa butter substiture), those products are solids at room temperature and can be used as tablets or covers.

fond creme

Indicative process

  • Mainly All-in-one processes (Ball-mill, Mac-Intyre) : Fat and powders are mixed and grinded in the same machinery.


  • Process: no modification required
  • Easy to use: 1kg of Belka® CB for 1kg of milk solids non fat
  • Up to 100% milk solids non fat replacement
  • Same or improved flow properties
  • Minerals : standardized
  • Taste: Regular or milky notes all over the year. No salty taste.
  • Cost savings versus skimmed or whole milk powder

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