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Neutral Dairy Drinks

Belka® DL / Belka® YT

Belka® DL Series is dedicated to Dairy Drinks and similar applications (creamers, sweet condensed milk, yogurt drinks…). They provide milk replacement solutions when milk is not available all year round, therefore more regular in supply, functionality and composition and more economical versus milk powders.


Wet application – They are neutral drinks (based on liquid milk, or milk powder), containing about 85-90% water and 7-9% milk solids non fat, which are pasteurised, sterilized or UHT treated. They can be, for flavoured milks, sweetened and/or flavoured (chocolate, fruits …)

fond creme

Indicative process

  • Reconstitution of the powders in liquid milk or in water
  • Homogenization (160 bars + 40 bars – 75°C)
  • Pasteurisation (30s – 85°C) or Sterilisation (140°C for few seconds)
  • Cooling down and Aseptic Packaging


  • Heat stability: strong resistance to UHT sterilisation
  • Process: no modification required
  • Texture: Unctuosity and mouthfeel
  • Minerals: standardization
  • Taste: dairy notes all over the year. No salty taste.
  • Easy to use: 1kg of Belka® DL for 1kg of milk solids non fat
  • Cost savings versus. skimmed milk powder

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