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Pastry creams, custards and Sauces

Belka® BP

Belka® BP Series is a unique range of low protein blends, designed for bakery applications like fermented breads , cakes and biscuits. They bring quality (taste …), regularity (functionality and composition) and cost efficiency in comparison to milk powder.


Wet application: cold solubilisation of dairy proteins, use of hydrocolloids, starches, sugars, aroma and colorant in water, giving a creamy product, bake and freeze/thaw cycles stable.

fond creme

Indicative process

  • Mixing of the ingredients in three steps in cold water (3 * 1 min + 7 min)
  • then cooking
  • filling


  • Process: no modification required
  • Easy to use: 1kg of Belka® BP for 1kg of milk solids non fat
  • Heat and thaw cycles stable
  • Taste: dairy notes all over the year. No salty taste.
  • Creamy and onctuous texture
  • Cost savings versus skimmed milk powder

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